Insulated Panel Van Conversions

Insulated Panel Van Conversions

Refrigerated Vans

Panel vans can be converted into refrigerated vehicles for chiller or freezer temperatures.

Technical Specification :

Side walls & Roof : 50mm/100mm Thick PU Injected Sandwich Panels with Prepainted Galvanized Steel for chiller and freezer van conversions respectively.
Flooring : 100mm Thick Floor panels reinforced with Marine plywood with Aluminum Chequred plate or GRP Floor top.

Doors : Additional Side & Rear Doors will be provided for freezer van Conversions.

Cooling Unit : As per customer requirement.
Extras : Optional partition inside the compartment.

Dry Goods Vans

Technical Specification :

Side Walls : Aluminum Chequered plate cladding covering all internal sides.
Floors : Marine Plywood base with Aluminum Chequred Plate or GRP Floor top.
Extras : Optional partition inside the compartment.


Optional Accessories

  1. Meat Hooks : Single or double with Rails
  2. Cargo Restraining System : 4mm Thick Aluminum Cargo Fastening Rails with Latch Belts
  3. Partition Walls : For Chiller Compartment in a Freezer Body
  4. Air Deflectors : Fiber / Steel Air Deflectors
  5. Catwalk & Ladder : To access Cooling Unit