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About Our Factory

Doha Sandwich Panels Factory, established in the year 2010, started to manufacture sandwich panels which are used to fabricate energy-efficient cold rooms, walk-in freezers, industrial buildings and vehicle bodies' panels that provide maximum insulation. Our production line has capacity to accommodate various custom sized panels, up to 8m in length and 150mm in thickness that are produced for every project with our experienced team of engineers & technicians.


To be existing professionally in different economical, investment, business, and intellectual sectors by implementing a global concepts and methodologies.

Mission, guarantee the flow of goods and services from the production places to the consumption places professionally which enable us usually to get order by the new markets.

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Why Choose Us

Our panels can be mounted either at the outside or at the inside of the supporting constructions whether steel or prefabricated concrete. Our panels can be transported and mounted without any problems by cranes and elevators for the purpose of quick installation. Due to their light weight even mounting by hand is possible for smaller building projects. Our panels are very strong and rigid this means long spans and minimal deflection in construction. Ceilings made with our panels can be installed to cover long spans and provide perfect insulation. Walk-on ceiling for service and inspections can also be constructed.

We offer comprehensive solutions and quality products to our customers regardless of geographical location. We are proud to be a 100% environmentally friendly company both in production and raw material consumption. No ozone depleting gases are used in our production. In addition to our environmental consciousness we are well aware of their importance of the quality of products.